Las Vegas Sinus By Khavkin Clinic

Las Vegas Sinus, In Partnership With Khavkin Clinic

Many people suffer from symptoms related to their sinuses and ears and often endure years of issues and pain due to not knowing where to go to care for their symptoms. Our team of experts are proud to provide ear, nose, and throat relief at our Las Vegas Ear & Sinus Center.

Our city experiences various types of allergies and sinus issues due to the weather and pollen vegetation in the area. Many people suffer from severe effects to their ears and sinuses and look for treatment for ear, nose, and throat for some form of relief. Our Las Vegas Ear & Sinus Center provides them with innovative and minimally invasive procedures, such as the balloon sinuplasty surgery for relief of chronic sinusitis.

The Las Vegas Ear & Sinus Center offers skilled ENT doctors to provide patients with quality and modern ear and sinus treatments ranging from hearing disorder and sinus problems to more complex surgeries involving the ears, nose or throat.

At Las Vegas Ear & Sinus we are focused on providing comprehensive Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology, as well as Head & Neck Surgery.  Our goal at Las Vegas Sinus is to provide the highest quality ENT care for all patients and their families.

With a team of doctors who have specific expertise and concentration that involves the treatment of Ear and Sinus disorders and has a full understanding of treatments in all aspects of his ENT treatments, we pride ourselves with staying up to date on latest developments in the field.  By providing the most innovative medical and surgical services available, our team of ENT specialist ensures that we can help you and your family achieve the best health possible.